How to

How to

  1. Whats in the box of your new subscription
  2. How to create a new date
  3. How to view or advertise dates
  4. Your date title and descriptions
  5. Activity feeds
  6. Your obligations
  7. Closing a date

What is in the box of your New Subscription

Following your new subscription, you have free membership to the three categorized types of dates. And they are called Quick Meet, Night Meet, & Tickets for Two. The title to each group attempts to provide you with the environment that best describes the activities or date you have in mind.

How to Create a new Date

Fundamentally, this is a writing platform where the intentions are to make connections through our words and thoughts. There are many subjective stories you can write about when it comes to dating. From previous date experiences, funny, good or bad, your thoughts on the online dating systems in today’s world of tech and leading into the does and don’ts or wants of your now advertised date. Try to be as descriptive as possible. Inventive or creative and personalise it with you and your own unique beautiful words. In your description write down all relevant details and as much personal information (such as what you like to talk about), as you like. Your date description can be as long or short as you wish but we think the longer the better ensuring you receive the more interesting of responses. Approach the date as if you are only ever going to write the one and likewise if you are responding to a date.

How to view or Advertise Dates

You gain access to the three groups and date forums of Quick Meet, Night Meet, and Tickets for Two. The date forum on each group submenu is where you will see all the listed dates for viewing and at the bottom of the page is where you create a new date.

Your Date Title & Details

The date title should display information such as, your age / gender / the type of date etc, (tickets, festival, pub, dinner etc…), & the calendar date.

Ex – 34/Male/Dinner for 2/This Friday – 2nd

Ex – 34/Male for Male or Female for Female/Dinner for 2/This Friday – 2nd

You make all the rules and requirements to your date. Meaning you may have tickets for two or (for the cheeky), you require the contestant to provide the tickets. If you have any other requirements, the contestant must live and stand up too. Put it all in here as this is your chance to construct a night or day out on which you desire. Try to really personalise your date, make it your own. Own it!

Activity feeds

NOTE: (You cannot respond as a contestant to dates advertised from the activity feed). You can leave a comment regarding the advertised date. Understanding 01met rules is paramount before leaving any comments, joining in on discussions, or leaving date replies. Although rules are common sense, advised is to read them over otherwise we risk a chaotic mess leading to bans. There are three activity feed directories each containing unique subdirectories. Access is either via the main menu, a groups menu or from your profile home page where you can specify and narrow your search.

Main Menu – Activity Feed

The front end activity is found via the navigation menu at the head of each page. The types of activities viewed are as followed – all newly listed dates and there corresponding date replies. All new subscriptions are up dated live and you are able to message them via leaving them a comment of something like a welcoming message to the site.

Profile Menu – Activity Feed

The second feed is your personal navigation menu and viewed from your profile page. From here you have five submenu’s where you can narrow your search from. Showing all personal activities related to you, and the groups and date forums subsequently you have subscribed as a member to. Also showing is all comments or discussions on any of the dates currently live. You are able to join any of the discussions or leave comments to whom or on whatever discussion topic you please.

Groups – Activity Feed

Navigating via each categorised group can also be found at the head of all pages and will bring you to the third activity feed. Meaning you will only see your own personal activity plus the activities of the specific categorised date forum. Ex: Night Meet but not viewed in this group is Quick Meet.

Your Obligations

Although you will not be obligated to go through with your date, we would hope for you to consider likewise. Keeping up the spirit on why you put yourself in the host’s chair. You possibly still have the night free, so nothing ventured and nothing gained or lost. And who knows, it may turn into a fantastic night from a date which has eventuated from putting yourself out there & playing the game-like date forums at 01met. More important is you make the decisions and that you at first are comfortable with your decision either way.

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Closing a Date

All date’s closures are handled by the admin and for any reason you need to un-list your date before you will need to contact admin via the contact form. An alternative is to post on your date informing others. Admin will close the date upon discovery. The first method is the preferred and admin will also close your date once the calendar date has been succeed..

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