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A Quote from Mashable Australia

Your finger flits through face after face as you amass matches like collectors’ items to gather dust on a forgotten shelf. you swipe, you match, you…never speak to them. So goes the interminable revolving door of online dating. Swiping sucks and even the dating industry knows it – HERE
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This is a platform doing away with old practices and reinventing how we connect one to another on the internet. With the fun use of date forums, it is here where we will connect with our words and thoughts. The platform gives us an opportunity to articulate in our own authentic words with a date place and time you have in mind.

Date forums making connections that will unite us as if computer code, in a perfect functioning way.

Symmetry of Words Creating Connections

If sometimes you think of a date, activity or event, or something you would like to participate in. And that something requiring a partner as in ballroom dancing. But unfortunately you have nobody to go/share with, then Zeronemet is the place for you.

On this platform, the meaning to date will depend on each individual desires or wants. And it is simply all about what you would like to do at any given time and place.

zeronemet.com Date Forums

The design of Zeronemet is to meet some of the online dating markets existing and out dated demands. Therefore offering an alternative & to step away from the swipe away culture.

Some of the Changes

Instead of the hours upon weeks and years, the other platforms will take from you. Zeronemet with a thoughtfully set out date description & a couple or many paragraphs gives you the opportunity tell the universe what you would like to do.

With this direct approach, will not just save on wasted time but also may surprise you. Surprise you with an entertainment value on how reliable the universe really is. Especially for those who are prepared to put themselves out there by playing the date-forums at Zeronemet.


Zeronemet.com New Date Forums

For the daring this platform will bring excitement & fun back into your dating. ‘No more algorithms’, ‘No more swiping’, ‘No more texting’, ‘No more days/weeks & sometimes years without actually going on a date’.

Zeronemet, cannot guarantee the absolute of no more disappointment but can guarantee fun & adventure. And just maybe for the one third of dating site users who do not actually date now become willing by putting themselves in the host’s chair. So that’s it, a date of your choice and where date is left only up to your imagination.

The concept in detail – HERE